Model Says She’s a ‘Sexy Love Rat’ Who Will Investigate if Your Partner Cheats on You

A cheating man’s “love” belongs in the sewers. Madeline Smith is the rat you need.

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“Sexy Love Rat” Investigator Knows How to Manipulate Manipulators

Smith, a Los Angeles local, is a pro at catching cheaters. The “love rat” investigator charges a small fee of $30 to test men whose partners suspect them of infidelity. Madeline has been doing this since 2018 and already has over 1,000 closed cases. She was inspired by the TV show Cheaters.

Madeline is in a relationship with a music producer, so don’t worry. But she’s smart and she’s sexy and she knows how to communicate. The brilliant and intrepid relationship sleuth uses her skillset to reach out to men and put them through a “loyalty test.”

“My favorite thing is to get blocked,” she told The Daily Mail. “The guys who pass will say I have a wife, girlfriend or fiancée and she wouldn’t like this… The best thing is when they say thank you for reaching out and block me.”

But that isn’t usually the case. According to Madeline, the entire process begins when a woman reaches out to her and fills out a basic form. They give her details including if their partner has cheated on them in the past and how “aggressive” she should be.

After the initial loyalty test contact, Madeline will up her “love rat” measures. She’ll text, sext, and even share nude photos. She uses a variety of fake accounts, of course. And she charges her clients for the extra effort but says she’ll occasionally cut deals for those who are hard up for cash.

Madeline Says Most Clients Are Being Gaslit by Their Cheating Partners

Madeline Smith says that most of the time, women who contact her have a “gut feeling.”

“There’s a gut feeling —most of the time she can’t explain it,” Madeline divulged. “There has usually been some kind of incident before. It could be he cheated on her in the first six months, and he won’t let the girl see his phone. And there are always Snapchat notifications — it’s always Snapchat. The girls always feel they are being made out to be crazy and are made out to be the disloyal partner, despite never having cheated.”

No surprise there. A cheating man generally operates at such a base level of existence that they think their sh*t don’t stink. They forget that their partner is a human with instincts and feelings and that their extremely obvious red flags somehow fly unnoticed. And then they project. It’s called gaslighting.

But for some couples in these terribly unfortunate situations, Madeline can save the day. Or, at the very least, help salvage her clients’ mental health.

She says that many of her clients are married and share children. And, when she catches the men cheating, it usually helps her clients win in their divorce proceedings.

It seems the players are getting played. There should be more Madeline Smiths, aka “love rats” in the world.

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