OnlyFans Model Gets Kicked Off Skating Rink for Wearing Mini Skirt

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Apparently, ice skating rinks are still considered a place for family-friendly fun, and that can only be considered a good thing. But getting kicked out for wearing a miniskirt? Sounds a bit excessive.

Nonetheless, that’s what OnlyFans model Lowri Rose said happened to her. She was ordered off the rink by employees because of her outfit, she said.

Apparently, it was the result of an “old” woman complaining about her miniskirt. And man, she had some words for them.

“Hating on me won’t make your t*ts any bigger or your husband hate you any less!” she said in the video.

Lowri Rose on TikTok

@realbarbiespice #winterwonderland ♬ original sound – Lowri Rose

She was told by employees that she could return to the ice, provided she put on a coat, she said. She added that she felt it may have had more to do with her tattoos than her actual outfit.

“Would this happen if I didn’t look like this? I don’t think so,” she said in the video.

“Screw you Karen for ruining my Winter Wonderland experience, and you screw you Winter Wonderland staff for complying with a Karen. They’re Karens, they’re gonna be b*tches.” Honestly, we can see why people would have some sort of problem with this. One, because it’s freezing and well, that’s not appropriate weather attire. BUT, there are rides, and children everywhere, so yeah, wear shorts. Which she did, so we applaud her for that. Good for her for sparing those children from masking parents what they looking at.

But I’m sure the employees or the woman didn’t know that she did, which is a whole different story. Still, just another model getting dress coded as usual. Let these women live.

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