OnlyFans Model Says She’s Facing Death Threats Over Inappropriate Outfit to the World Cup

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

British OnlyFans star Astrid Wett said she has been receiving death threats over wearing, well, OnlyFans-type of attire while attending World Cup soccer matches in Qatar.

Cover up, or else, is among the comments she said she has heard. She has also heard she is facing “execution” in the comments under some of her pictures.

Granted, this is not necessarily a surprise. Qatar is known for being extremely conservative in all aspects of life, so much so that it detained Sports Illustrated reporter Grant Wahl for wearing an LGBTQ-themed shirt on the air while reporting from a match last week.

Wahl, 49, mysteriously died a few days later after complaining of symptoms that mirrored a chest cold. His official cause of death was called a heart attack. By all accounts, he was in great shape.

Meanwhile, Wett has not been deterred as she attends matches involving England and several other countries. One of those matches, between Argentina and Australia, drew particular ire.

Wett posted a picture of herself from the stands in which she sported a white bikini and short denim skirt.

“Wow what a game this World Cup,” she captioned the picture, wearing a look of surprise.

Astrid Wett on Twitter

Some of the comments, of course, have been favorable. Others have taken on a more sinister tone. Many seem to be in between.

“Astrid here is Qatar not England,” read one.

“Cover yourself up, respect another country’s rules and culture,” read another.

And yet another sent a GIF entitled “VAR EXECUTION.” That means exactly what it sounds like.

In the U.S. and England, that likely would result in someone having an account banned. In Qatar, though, it can be celebrated.

Nonetheless, Wett is marching on and continuing to post pictures that would appeal to her fans.

“My first ever World Cup,” she wrote, “dream come true.”

Let’s hope it stays that way for the duration of the tournament.

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