Plus-Size OnlyFans Model Used to Sneak Alcohol Bottles Into Concerts Using Her Butt

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Who wants a chug? A plus-size OnlyFans model has a party trick that few can copy. Using her 55-inch butt, Steph Oshiri can hide alcohol bottles and smuggle them into clubs.

For Steph Oshiri, a Big Butt Means Big Perks, Including Free and Discounted Alcohol


Posting this on my burner cause its humilating

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Steph, who has 414,000 followers on her main TikTok account, used her “burner” account of 70k followers to talk about her party trick. “Posting this on my burner cause its humiliating,” wrote the model.

“One thing I used to do when I was younger was hide full alcohol bottles in my bum. I’m not kidding. I wish I was,” said Oshiri.

Of course, she must have known that this teaser of a story was going to lead to questions. A lot of questions. And requests for a demonstration. But after all, Oshiri does make money on OnlyFans. So, she probably knew what she was getting herself into.

In fact, it’s really good marketing, when you think about it.

Further explaining that she and her friends would utilize her party trick all the time when they were younger, she admitted that they were probably underage at first. Also, they were broke. It’s not unheard of to smuggle alcohol into a club when you know they’re going to be marking up drinks by 500%.

As Steph Oshiri is explaining the circumstances surrounding her butt alcohol smuggling practices, she shows how she does it on-camera.

Bum Smuggling: The Best or Worst Party Trick Ever?


Replying to @Corey Erebus Johnson i actually cant beleive im uploading this 💀

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“I don’t have a Mickey on hand. I have this, but it’s relatively the same size. Okay, let me just get into position.”

She clarified that she meant a Mickey vodka, which is Canadian slang for a 375 ml bottle of vodka (or any alcohol). She didn’t mean a Mickey malt liquor, as in a 12-oz green glass bottle of beer. I’m sure she could hide one of those, too, but context is important.

Steph then pulls out what appears to be a 12 or 16-oz clear carafe. It could be glass or plastic, but it probably doesn’t matter. Glass obviously weighs more. She makes that thing disappear like Houdini.

“Listen, come on. It’s gone. It’s gone,” she says. Indeed, she reached behind herself like she was picking a wedgie and the entire carafe was gone in an instant.

Steph Oshiri turned around about 160 degrees so you could see her butt profile but wouldn’t let the camera see her straight from behind. However, as she puts her arms up over her head, you can make out the round edge of the carafe in her pants ever so slightly. To her credit, if anyone saw that at a club, they’d probably assume it was an anal prolapse. It would just be crazy to think, “Wow, that lady is smuggling a bottle of alcohol in her butt.”

“It’s my one party trick,” said Oshiri. “We would do this for every concert until, you know, we were like in our twenties but I can just, it’s the perks of being big. I guess it’s the perks of having a big bum. It’s like a little purse.”

Yet another reason to consider butt implants, I guess.

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