Police Officer Resigns After ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ OnlyFans Account Discovered

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It appears Inked Barbie has been found guilty of running a raunchy OnlyFans account, which is not actually a crime. But it can lead to you getting fired as a police officer. But Sam Helena, the Barbie in question, resigned first. Still, her bosses are putting together an investigation on her “Good Girl Gone Bad” routine. Which she eventually took down after sharing on TikTok.

Quite honestly, it’s completely harmless — if what Helena shared on her Instagram page is actually what’s under review. All it does is feature her in a police uniform, then a different outfit, as she shows off her pierced tongue.

Helena, of London, was at first suspended by the Metropolitan Police. She then just quit. She still may face a misconduct penalty.

Inked Barbie on Instagram

Granted, it’s hard to believe someone could be suspended for just sticking out their tongue. Especially in today’s day and age. So there could be more than meets the eye, as Inked Barbie’s OnlyFans account is said to be a little more … well, sultry.

“We are aware of the account and the officer, who has tendered their resignation, has been suspended,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson told the Daily Star.

A couple of years ago, Helena received a talking-to for her racy videos, but was not officially punished, the Star reported.

Sam Helena on Instagram

Now, it seems, she will no longer be a police officer, but she may continue to play online.

“The cheeky ex-cop has even made up a police-blue basque with a mock police ID badge that reads ‘Officer Naughty,’ that she accessorizes with an array of BDSM-inspired chains and clasps,” the Star wrote.

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