TikToker Goes Viral For Sharing Uncanny Resemblance to Jim Carrey


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dumb, dumber, or dumbest? Well, the answer is none of the above, as one woman revealed she really does look a lot like actor/comedian Jim Carrey. And Heather Shaw just happens to be a comedian herself.

In fact, she looks so much like Carrey that people have asked if they’re related. Like, if she’s his daughter.

Shaw spends a lot of time answering these questions from fans, actually. She doesn’t seem to mind. One time, she was able to answer most of them all in the same TikTok. And all she had to do was say “no” in her best Jim Carrey faces.

As for having met Jim Carrey … well, Shaw has said it hasn’t happened.

“I’m going to answer this because I get this question seven million times a day,” she said on Instagram. “Jim Carrey has never reached out to me. I’ve never reached out to Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey’s never noticed me. I don’t think he knows about me.”

Still, you have to admit she looks like a spitting image of the actor. Just look at the faces she makes, it’s Jim Carrey! She could be his long lost twin!

“It is kind of ironic that I have this face, and I’ve always wanted to be a comedian since I was a kid,” she said in a trending TikTok video.

Shaw, 34, hails from Rochester, N.Y., and said she realized at an early age that she wanted to be a comedian.

“What else am I gonna do?” she asked. “Like, imagine if I was a doctor with this face. “Just walking in like, ‘Bad news: it’s cancer. Good luck!’ ” she said, mimicking Carrey along the way.

Still, her fanbase is pretty amazing, asking her every day if she’s sure Jim Carrey isn’t her father. “Jim Carey really thought he could fool us by wearing a wig and calling himself Heather Shaw. We’re on to your game, Jim,” one user wrote. 

“I am convinced this person is actually Jim Carrey and he’s just toying with us.. I mean guy’s an actor,” another stated.

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