TikToker Rates Celebrities Who Rejected Her on Popular Dating App

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No one likes being rejected. We’re all human and have a primal need for affection and feeling wanted. But one TikToker decided to take a chance at courting celebrities on the Raya dating app. The result was a stream of rejections. So, making the best of her situation, she rated how much each rejection hurt.

TikToker Michelle Kutsanov Rated Her Raya Date Rejections on a Scale of 1-10

Michelle Kutsanov, who goes by TikTok handle @funnyhotandnice, is indeed, all those things. But unfortunately for Kutsanov, not every celebrity out there wants those things, or at least in the package she offers. Kutsanov rated all her Raya dating app celebrity rejections on a scale of 1-10 in a 2-part TikTok post. Her 1-month Raya subscription was about to run out, so she thought it was a good time to leave with a bang.

She started with celebrity actor Michael Evans Behling. “This hurt a lot,” said Kutsanov. “This is the sexy dude from All American. This one hurt. 8 out of 10.”

Next was Zachary Gordon. “The dude from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He went to my college. Fun fact. This one didn’t hurt that bad. He’s handsome, but, whatever. 5 out of 10.”

Ethan Cutkowsky received a 3 out of 10 for his Raya rejection pain scale. “Only because I know that me and him would never work out because I’m not a big partier,” said Kutsanov. “This one’s not that big of a loss, it’s just that he’s so cute that it hurts. But it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run.”

Austin North got a 2 out of 10. @Funnyhotandnice referred to him as “the only guy on Outer Banks who I wouldn’t have been excited about seeing on Raya and he was the only one that I saw. My friend who works at a restaurant that he went to once said that he was incredibly rude. So, not a loss.”

Austin Abrams got a full 10 out of 10 for his Raya rejection. “This one hurt so bad. I love Austin Abrams,” said Kutsanov.

And Brent Rivera received a 1. “I’m pretty sure Brent has a girlfriend,” said Kutsanov.

@Funnyhotandnice Said She Was Probably “Kicked Off” the Celebrity Dating App

Part 2 was prefaced with a disclosure.

“Before we get into this, there’s a lot of people in my DM’s trying to get a referral code,” said Kutsanov. “I didn’t renew. I can’t refer you. Even if I did renew, I’m pretty positive I’m kicked off, so, please. It’s not that great. If I’m being honest, it was incredibly humbling. You don’t need to be on this app.”

@Funnyhotandnice continued with her list of Raya dating app celebrity rejection ratings.

Connor Wood got an 8 out of 10, not because he was “a huge celebrity, but a personal loss.”

Next was Nat Wolff from The Naked Brothers Band. His rejection got a 3 because Kutsanov said she liked “his brother more.”

Next was a photo of 5 guys from Portugal the Band. She couldn’t remember which one she spoke to but gave whoever it was a 7 out of 10 because “they’re pretty handsome and they make good music.”

Standup comedian Matt Rife got a 10 and his rejection was “a knife to the chest.”

Nolan Gould got a 6 because of his genius-level IQ and the fact that the TikToker’s dad “really likes him.”

Last on the list was Eyal from Love Island. Kutsanov didn’t say much but she giggled and rated his dating app rejection as a 3.

The comments were pretty sympathetic. Some people agreed that the Raya rejections would hurt, while others had no idea who some of the celebrities were.

“If nat wolff rejected me specifically i would never recover, that man was my childhood crush,” said one TikToker.

“Matt rejecting me would put me in a depressive episode,” said another.

One person said they were put on the wait list for Raya in 2016 and just recently got an invite. And another said, “Honestly the amount of time I spent on the wait list just to find out most of the dudes are just Steve who works in ‘finance.’”

Alright, sounds like Raya could be intriguing and also a waste of time. Basically, a typical dating app.

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