TikToker Who Got Stranded in Vancouver For Hours Literally Walked to the US

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re stranded in Canada, the best way to get back is probably to fly. Or maybe drive. Or maybe take a bicycle, if need be. The last option, you’d think, would be to have to spend an inordinate amount of time walking.

But that’s how one TikToker ad her friends decided to go about it, sharing her experience for all the world to see.

It all started when Kelly Eatatani of California and pals got stranded on a tarmac at the Vancouver airport for 13 hours. She had had enough. So she called an Uber.

“After 13hrs on a plane that never left Canada and wouldn’t let us get off… this is how we got back to LA,” Eatatani wrote, promising to never go back to Canada in the process.

Kelly Eatatani on TikTok


♬ I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Amazon Original) – Camila Cabello

Eatatani and her party actually took the Uber to the Canadian-U.S. border but had to walk a bit to cross into the states. Then they Uber-ed some more. Then again, then again, and then walked.

This process apparently continued until they were finally able to catch another flight and hit a much sunnier and less snow-covered Los Angeles.

Clearly, where there’s a will, there’s a way to get back home for Christmas. Even if it means doing so with your own two feet. Still, this is pretty impressive. Talk about last-minute commitment, push through the pain and get in time for the holidays at all costs! They deserve some pumpkin pie, extra whipped cream, and a whole side of fettuccini alfredo! You know what they say, the holidays are chaotic for a reason!

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