Woman Initially Thought She Had Lyme Disease, Turned Out She Left a Tampon in for Two Years

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Author and TikToker Melanie Galeaz has a horror story that should not be ignored. She thought she had chronic Lyme Disease. But it turns out that Galeaz had a tampon stuck inside her for two years and had developed toxic shock syndrome!

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Lyme Disease Is Hard to Diagnose

Melanie Galeaz took to TikTok to talk about the health scare. Her video received over 16 million views before she removed it.

Galeaz was bitten by a deer tick as a young girl, so she thought she had developed chronic symptoms of Lyme Disease.

“But the tests were kind of confusing if I had it or not, but since I had all the symptoms and got bitten, the doctors gave my the meds, sent me on my way and I was fine,” she said in the clip (via New York Post).

To be fair, Lyme can be especially difficult to diagnose. The wide range of symptoms varies from person to person. Not all people develop the red “bull’s eye” rash. Some tests don’t show up as positive until later in the disease — and other people can develop false positives!

PSA: Seek Advice From OBGYN If Experiencing Gynecological Pain

Galeaz explained that she was experiencing pain in her private area and asked her doctor for help. But the doctor didn’t properly diagnose her.

“My sophomore year of high school, I started getting all these pains in my body and some really gross stuff was happening down south,” she said. “I went to the doctor, but I didn’t really mention the issues happening down south, which I know was my fault. But the doctor was really disregarding me and he was being mean and scary. I was really embarrassed; I was about 14.”

She added that she was given medication for Lyme Disease and hoped she’d get better. She didn’t.

When Galeaz was a high school senior, she went to an OBGYN for a second opinion.

“She cranked me open, looks and she gasps. I’m like ‘well, that’s not what you want to hear,’” said Galeaz in the clip. “Then she says, ‘you have a tampon stuck horizontally under your cervix’. Taking it out hurt, because it was dissolving inside me. It kept breaking apart and it was such an unpleasant experience.”

“I don’t think I even had Lyme disease,” said Galeaz in retrospect.

Toxic Shock Syndrome Can Kill You, Tampons Are a Common Cause

Toxic shock syndrome can occur in anyone. It can be caused from wounds that develop severe bacterial infections. But it’s most commonly known as a lethal side effect of forgetting to take out a menstrual device.

Paris Hilton spoke out on behalf of her friend Lauren Wasser many years ago. Wasser was an athlete and model who had her legs amputated after toxic shock syndrome led to gangrene and nearly took her life. And a 15-year-old girl was left in a coma when she developed TSS. Both women developed TSS from tampons that were left in for too long.

But two years is much longer than any of the above stories. Galeaz is lucky, to say the least!

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