Woman Quits Job to Embrace ‘1950s Housewife Lifestyle’ and Care for Kids

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A San Diego woman has returned to the 1950s and says she and her family are happier than ever because of it.

Alexia Delarosa, 29, stays home, cooks, cleans and cares for her kids while her husband works a regular job. That’s not entirely uncommon, but a lot less common now that it was in, say, 1955.

In fact, it’s viewed as being so rare these days that there is actually a name for such wives — as Delarosa actually refers to herself as a “tradwife,” short for a traditional wife.

Delarosa said she adopted the lifestyle because her mom wasn’t around much when she was a kid, and she didn’t want that to be the case for her own children.

“My mom worked and she also enjoyed time outside of our family home with friends. I have always wanted a more traditional model for my family,” she said, via the Daily Mail. “I loved the idea of a 50’s style family life, where the wife stays home to look after her husband and kids, and the husband goes out to work full time.”

History taught her it could be done, Delrosa added.

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“I remember watching films where the women would stay home to cook and clean for their husbands, and I thought it was a romantic and sweet life,’ she said. “It really resonated with me.”

Her husband, Matthew, 37, runs a coffee shop and is totally on board with the idea of the stay-at-home mom.

 “When I fell pregnant with our first son, Archer, now two, we decided very early on that I would stay home with him,” she said. “‘I had an at-home baking business which I did part-time, but when I fell pregnant with our second son, Arlo, one, I became fully focused on looking after the two boys, Matthew and our home.

“I’ve always loved homemaking and I was more than happy to take on this role.”

Along with being an old-school wife and mother, Delrosa preaches that it can work again for a lot of wives via social media. She stresses the importance of keeping a fairly strict regimen if you decide to follow suit.

“Matthew doesn’t have any duties assigned to him. I take care of all of the chores and ensure dinner is on the table for when he finishes work,” she said. “This is when we have a meal together as a family. I am quite particular in the way things are, so I like it to be this way too.

“Matthew loves to be at work, and I love to be at home taking care of things. We both thrive in our roles and this arrangement works perfectly for us.”

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  1. What a vapid article. Women frequently stay home to raise their children. This article is reads like it was written by an author in another country or an AI bot.

    The “1950s lifestyle” isn’t just being able to stay home and raise your children — an opportunity of privilege that a lot of women simply don’t have. The “1950s lifestyle” also is about women having little, if any choice in many aspects of their lives. They were precluded from many professional careers, had no legal birth control, no financial autonomy, no laws criminalizing domestic violence (for example, some states still had on their books into the 1980s that men could rape their wives with no criminal consequences).

    • Relax yourself! She is simply stating how her family is structuring themselves. Her husband finds enjoyment working outside of the home, where she does not. Growing up, her mother was not present much in the home family life. This is something the poster always desired for her family. She takes care of all domestic and child rearing daily responsibilities, and is quite happy to do so. Wonder if you felt this angry when the big trend was stay at home dads? It works for her family and she is sharing this. Seems like your wokeness is showing.

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