Woman Says She Was ‘Dress-Coded’ at Bar for ‘Inappropriate Outfit’

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Videos by Rare

A beauty queen and OnlyFans model is upset after she was “dress-coded” at a bar and restaurant for her outfit. Erika Helin was Miss Finland in 2018. She posts provocative photos to her social media accounts, often in the nude or close to it.

The Bar Took Her Money, Dress-Coded Her, Kicked Her Out


However, considering what Erika usually wears in the photos she posts, the outfit that got her kicked out of the bar wasn’t that racy. Erika was particularly upset because she’d already paid a cover and it seemed she wasn’t refunded after getting booted.

“Unexpectedly, the jerk came to get me, told me that I had to leave, dragged me out of the bar,” said Erika on Instagram (via The Sun). “Although I didn’t object in any way, when I got there, loudly criticized my choice of outfit.”

Helin added that she would have purchased an alternative outfit if she’d known that the bar’s dress code would be so strict.

“In my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable… Maybe I’m too used to the dressing culture of my other home country — much more relaxed there,” she added.

The beauty queen then shared several photos of herself wearing the outfit in question. She’s wearing a pink bralette halter with hearts and a black mini-skirt. It’s not clear where she was when she was dress-coded, but as long as it wasn’t Disneyland, she seems fine in my opinion. But again, I hail from the United States, where anything almost anything goes.

Was Erika Helin Booted Because of Her Breasts or the Hearts on Her Top?


Erika Helin continued to discuss the incident in terms of misogyny. She thought asked her followers if they thought that a woman with smaller breasts would have been treated differently by the bar or even dress-coded at all.

“It’s also one thing that wearing a big chest, any bikini or top looks revealing or too sexy in the eyes of others,” wrote Helin. “Would a similar top have been okay with a small breast, what do you think? At least there is a picture on the Theater’s IG where a woman is wearing a top like this.”

One person commented that they live in New York and see tops like Erika Helin’s throughout the summer. They added that nightclub wear can be much more revealing.

Many other women said that they have larger breasts and have been discriminated against over outfits that wouldn’t cause a smaller-chested woman any trouble.

Erika Helin added that the bar was for 24+ year-olds and that she was closer to 30. But she thought perhaps the bouncer considered the heart pattern on her top to be too “girly.”

“To me this sounds like pink and hearts are only for little girls and little girls are not to be missed,” said the model. “Semi misogynistic sets, removes adult customer due to being girly. It would be nice to hear what the restaurant’s position is on this.”

Honestly, it sounds like Erika Helin needs to move to a bigger city. She needs a home with better clubs that hold space for her bigger breasts. She won’t be dress-coded at a bar in Hollywood.

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