‘Worlds Hottest Speed Skater’ Says Key To Success is ‘Extra Fat’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The best to pick up speed is to put on weight. That’s basically the opposite of what most athletes or fitness experts will tell you — but speed skating whiz Jutta Leerdam said it’s what has worked for her.

“Extra fat,” she said on NPO Radio 1, via OutKick.

Leerdam, 24, hails from the Netherlands and is considered in many circles to be the “world’s hottest” speed skater. She likely takes more pride in being one of its best. Her social media following is huge.

Jutta Leerdam on Instagram

And she wasn’t joking about putting on weight to succeed.

β€œI have become stronger and heavier,” Leerdam said. “I now use that extra fat as strength.”

A few hours later, she won the NK Sprint competition, setting several records along the way. That was her third title in the event.

That’s not all. She also won the in the 1000m race at the ISU Speed Skating World Cup in Calgary early last month — for her fourth straight victory in that race.

Basically, she is dominating the speed skating scene. She insists that the extra weight is helping her. Of course, it’s not really all fat. It’s more like what bodybuilders would refer to as the “bulking” phase. More calories equal more muscle and strength.

In the case of Leerdam, clearly, the extra pounds aren’t slowing her down. Just the opposite, in fact.

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