1 out of the 2 Red Kettles that were stolen on Michigan Ave. have been found

Last week, the Neiman Marcus on Magnificent Mile, was the scene of a robbery from a Salvation Army post. The thief ran away with not one but two Red Kettles full of donations for those in need, according to WGN.

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The first theft was during the afternoon of Dec. 12 from outside Neiman Marcus, 737 North Michigan Avenue. The second was during the afternoon of Dec. 15.

Police have released surveillance video of the thefts and so far the investigation is going well. The organization updated the public Tuesday and they were happy to announce one of the two kettles was found. A second stolen kettle remains missing. The stolen red kettle was found at Northwestern Medical Group, not far from the Michigan Avenue location it was taken.

The Salvation Army said the kettle was empty when it was found, but the organization is happy to have the equipment back. The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division said the thefts will cost Chicago’s Temple Community Corps up to $1,000.

Salvation Army Lieutenant Colonel Charles Smith says in both incidents, the kettles were taken as the bell ringer assigned to them was away from their post. According to Smith, the kettles and the stands each weigh between 75 and 100 pounds.

Bell ringer Antionette Levi-Bell said it’s not a good feeling.

“You come out and see your bucket is gone and you know it’s to help people and stuff and someone came up and took it,” she said. “I cried for a minute.”

Major Barbara Owen, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army, noted how cumbersome the kettles are to steal.

“It’s not very easy to just pick it up and run with it,” she said, also noting the money was meant for people who have fallen on hard times. “Christmas meals, Christmas toys. It goes to pay for people who may be being evicted, utilities shut off.”

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If you are looking to donate but don’t want to risk it getting stolen, you can donate directly online by visiting Salarmychicago.org.

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