15 things Chicagoans are definitely thankful for… Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Chicagoans are definitely thankful for….

1. When our Ventra card works even when you KNOW you are in the red…

2. Doing literally anything after 4:30pm in the winter equals a “nightlife.”

3. When the Red Line doesn’t smell like urine, vomit, fast food, socks, sweat and no one tries to talk to you.

4. For the Blackhawks. Need we say more?

5. For that magical moment when you need to transfer to another train and it’s waiting for you at the station. #forthewin

6. For Lyft. Because #treatyourself

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7. Global warming which equates to less and less Chi-berias. In all seriousness, we are not a fan of global warming. Here is how you can help.

8. For that sweet, deep-dish pie that is Art of Pizza — Chicago’s underrated, hidden gem — King of all things deep dish ZA.

9. For the 26 miles of lakefront path. Even if you’re not on it this season, it’s pretty to look at in while you’re in your Lyft home.

10. When the CTA holiday train unexpectedly shows up at the station. It’s the simple joys in life.

11. The Macy display windows — which make one feel like a seven-year-old again. Because being 7 was the life.

12. The beer scene which we can enjoy year round. So. many. good. BEEEEERS.


13. Malort. Scratch that: watching people who have never had Malort, drink Malort.

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14. Saving your parking spot with a lawn chair, a stolen traffic cone or a combination of both because —hey it IS an honored thing we do here.

15. Not having to be anywhere during your holiday week, whatever the weather and reveling in the fact that we get to live in this magical city.

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