2-year-old found dead and nearly decapitated, and police have a man in custody

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On Wednesday afternoon, police were called to a house on the 2700 block of South Avers in the Little Village neighborhood. There was no way to they could have known what the gruesome scene they were about to encounter when they entered that home.

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At around 1:55 PM, officers entered the home to discover a garbage bag on the floor. Inside the bag was the body of 2-year-old Mateo Garcia Aguayo.

Mateo’s throat was deeply slashed to the point of being nearly decapitated. He “suffered severe trauma from lacerations and fatal stab wounds,” police said in a statement.

A few hours later, the police department announced they had a “person of interest” in custody in relation to the horrific crime.

The man was found at a traffic stop in Kankakee County by members of the Illinois State Police and Chicago agents of the FBI.

He was returned to Chicago to be questioned by detectives.

A small memorial for the child has already been built.

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Grieving family members and neighbors gathered around 28th street as officers investigated the scene of the crime. Some officers guarding the scene offered the chance for them to warm up in their squad cars.

The man has not been formally charged as of yet. This is a developing story.

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