3-year-old girls life saved thanks to these first responders Screenshot/WGN

“It was probably one of the most traumatic calls I’ve had,” said Lansing police officer Kevin LaPointe. That call was for a 3-year-old girl choking on a grape and who stopped breathing.

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The incident happened on July 18th of this year. According to the girls mother, Elizabeth Avila, she went 19 minutes without oxygen.

The girl was on life support for eight days and then taken to an ICU for a month. She was finally able to leave the hospital this past Wednesday.

WGN spoke to the girl’s mother in a tearjerking interview. She talked about how appreciative she was for the quick actions of the first responders.

“They worked on her so well. They were like angels hovering over her and they didn’t let her go, they didn’t let her go,” Avila said. The family has publicly thanked the responders with a plaque.

“I’ve been on so many calls and you never get this kind of recognition,” La Pointe said. “You look at that child when you get to the scene like it’s your child.”

Avila’s daughter has suffered severe brain damage from the accident and doctors are saying she may never be able to walk or talk again. But her mom hasn’t given up hope yet.

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The family is doing everything they can to help the healing process. They will be traveling to New Orleans for hyperbaric-oxygen treatment that will last two months. They have created a GoFundMe account to help with the payments.

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