After noticing an intoxicated man vomit outside her work on Franklin Street, Zoa Stigler, a security guard at a River North building, was punched in the face by the man.

Matthew DeLeon, the 23-year-old perpetrator, was charged for punching Stigler after turning himself in Tuesday. DeLeon is being charged with three counts of battery after breaking Stigler’s nose and a bone under her eye, according to DNAinfo.

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A video of the crime reveals an intoxicated DeLeon vomiting on the sidewalk as his friends stand nearby. Stigler was working at the time, around 2:15 a.m., and approached DeLeon asking him to leave at which point he punched her.

Dawn Valenti, a victim rights advocate, said DeLeon was “very, very remorseful” for the actions he took while under the influence of alcohol, according to DNAinfo. Valenti does not personally know DeLeon and said she met his family through a mutual friend.

“What people saw was really bad,” Valenti told DNAinfo. “There’s no way around it, but people are calling [DeLeon] a thug and a piece of shit. All this stuff is not true about him. He’s really, really remorseful. He’s upset himself about what he did.”

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Since the attack, a GoFundMe campaign has been started to help Stigler through recovery and has raised more than $18,000. Stigler is expected to have surgery Wednesday as a result of the injuries sustained.

Stigler told WGN she originally approached DeLeon to offer him help after noticing that he was highly intoxicated. After he vomited, Stigler went to get a mop and bucket to clean up, but when she asked the man to move she was attacked.

The video posted by WGN reveals DeLeon’s friends standing by doing nothing to help Stigler or their friend as they simply watch what takes place. After DeLeon struck Stigler he and his friends left the scene.

“Why would you hit a human being in the face that’s trying to assist you, trying to help you?” Stigler told WGN. “I hope they arrest him because I do plan on pressing charges against him for assaulting me for doing my job.”

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