A video of a Virgin Mary “apparition” caught on camera in Glenview is sweeping the net Flickr/Oblate Michael

A church member from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, IL is claiming this video is most definitely proof that the Virgin Mary walks among us. Maureen Kent got her whole church talking about the picture she shot with nothing more than her iPhone.

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Last Friday Maureen Kent was in the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and as she went to snap a picture she claims she got so much more.

Maureen Kent has been attending Eucharistic adoration at the church for more than 2 years. When she was kneeling and praying, she realized she wanted a picture of the eucharist or host in the monstrance, the ornate gold stand it’s placed in.

As she took the shot and looked at the results, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The picture showed a bright light, an image larger than a human and appearing to hover next to the host on the alter. Maureen and her fellow Catholics believe the host is the body of Christ.

“No photo-shopping,” she says, no manipulation of the digital image. She deemed it a, “great surprise” when she looked at her screen.

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Her friends in the chapel also believe it is the Virgin Mary, the supernatural right in suburban Glenview. Authentication is not, right now, a consideration by Maureen Kent or even the church. They are relishing what they call a miraculous moment, privileged to have seen and believed, they say.

Check out the video, decide for yourself. Is this the Virgin Mary?

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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