According to hot dog and sausage sales, Chicago is packing more meat than most cities in the U.S.

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Videos by Rare

Have you ever wondered how many hot dogs are consumed at O’Hare airport? Or which Major League Baseball stadium sells the most sausage?

Well, you no longer need to guess, thanks to good people at The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) who compiled some tasty data, along with more weiner-related statistics than you may ever need in this lifetime.

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Located in D.C., the council was first established in 1994 by the American Meat Institute, publishing an annual list of the top 10 (cylindrically encased) meatiest cities since.

Unsurprisingly, Chicago landed a spot on both lists for the most hot dogs and sausages consumed, respectively.

The NHDSC gathered information from a number of sources, including, according to the organization’s website, “retail scanner data at supermarkets and grocery stores and by estimates as to the number of hot dogs sold at places where barcodes are not used, such as corner stores, sporting events, carnivals, fairs and restaurants.”

Based on the council’s data, Los Angeles consumes the most hot dogs in the United States, followed by New York and Philadelphia.

LA also led sales in dinner sausages, a bit surprising for a city known for trendy and generally healthy diets.

Chicago ranked third in sales of sausages.

First isn’t always best, given the Windy City didn’t rank first in the lineup based on total sales, but we’re still packing some pretty serious…meat stats:

O’Hare International Airport consumes 725,000 more than Los Angeles International Airport and LaGuardia Airport combined.  That’s six times the amount of the City of Angels consumes, and, despite the recent trolling by Heinz, Chicagoans know what really goes on a hot dog.

If you’re not familiar with the NHDSC, they offer a history of the hot dog dating back to Ancient Greece and tackle hot-button issues such as “Is A Hot Dog a Sandwich?

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