15 adventures for you and your little ones this winter season AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Winter in Chicago is quite the beast, as we have seen these past few weeks.

But icy temperatures and all, our hearts belong to Chi-town and hey, we may as well enjoy ourselves while we are here – right? Especially if we have little ones — being cooped up is the last thing anyone wants, so we have compiled a list to keep you busy during the brisk winter season.

15. Play Indiana Jones at The Chicago Children’s Museum.

Uncover and dig for bones, learn about fire safety and check out dinosaurs at Navy Pier’s Children’s Museum – good for ages babies, to seasoned adults.

14.Sleep alongside Shedd’s aquatic-life!

Did you or your little ones ever dream about staying the night at a museum? Now you can make those dreams, a reality but we can’t promise you won’t get splashed with all that water!

13. Go the distance, see Chicago from a whole new view..

If you and your family are the dare-devil types, we have the perfect activity for you. In the John Hancock building on the 94th floor, view Chicago with a 360-degree, sort-of terrifying angle at 360 Chicago. Or exciting angle, if you’re not afraid of heights…

12. Learn to magically craft scarves or sew!

At the Wishcraft Workshop, kids can learn a variety of crafting techniques and the magic behind the whole process you ask? A desire to create something from nothing!

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11. Nerds just wanna have fun.

With an extensive robotic exhibit PLUS lego-built structures and design – who would not want to nerd out at the holy grail of how things tick? Get your tickets today.

10. Let it go, and just keep swimming…

What’s every kid’s dream day? Clearly the two beacons of empowerment and positivity: Dory from Finding Nemo and icon, Elsa from Frozen. Since we’ve already sold you, you may as well click here and set a date to take your little fans asap.

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9. Space cadets, assemble!

If your little ones are out of this world, the Adler may be the perfect landing spot for the family. On Young Explorers Mondays, kids can try hands-on experiences with Fly a Kite and Stories Under the Stars and much, much more.

8. Get crafty in the kitchen with the whole family!

Whether you have tots or teens or babies [yes, babies], these cooking classes offered by The Kid’s Table will not only teach but inspire culinary genius. Check out their class schedule here.

7. Chill with Dino’s.

If your little ones are always asking questions and adore learning about dinos and other beasts of the past – the Field Museum is the perfect [did we mention warm?] spot to explore just that.

6. Don’t just put on a show, BE the show!

Does your little one have a flair for the dramatics? If so, you may want to enroll them immediately in one of the Chicago’s Children’s Theater’s winter classes — or else they may positively faint!

5. All things winter? All things fest? Say no more.

What if we told you there was a festival for winter? INDOORS? Yea, it does exist. At the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest, with indoor ice-skating, slides and rides – even adults will have the time of their life.

4. Sled for days at Palmisano Park.

If you and the fam are ready to sled some snow, this Bridgeport hot spot is a must for showing off you and your kid’s sleek moves.

3. Ice-Skate, You-Skate, We All Scream to Skate

If you are looking for the traditional ice-skating experience, complete with the backdrop of the Bean and plenty of hot chocolate, look no further than Millenium Park.

2. Morton Arboretum’s Snowshoe Experience.

For the more advance snow-trekkers, there is children and adult snowshoe as well as cross-country ski throughout one of Chicago’s breathtaking landscapes.

1. Skate the Ribbon.

Have you or your kiddos been itching to skate the ribbon at Maggie Daley Park? Now is your chance. It is twice the length of a standard ice rink and you get a solid view of the view of the city, what’s more to want?

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