Always a big hit when we’re lucky enough to have it on the menu, Portillo’s lemon cake is sticking around longer than expected

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After decades of not having the delectable desert, Portillo’s lemon cake returned to the city this summer with a bang, and Chicagoans loved it so much, everyone’s favorite restaurant is sharing a breaking announcement:

The city delicacy will be staying on the menu just a little bit longer.

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Tangy and sweet, lemon cake was only supposed to be a special menu item available June 13 to July 31, but, thanks to its overwhelming success, Portillo’s is extending the run through Aug. 31.

Portillo’s is firm this time, however, insisting the last day of August will be the absolute last day the cake is available, citing the need for extra oven space during the holiday season as the reason for stealing our joy.

The old classic made a return after one long-time fan offered up $300 for a piece or the recipe of the lemon cake everyone loves.

Growing up eating the indescribably delicious treat with his father, Ben of West Lawn told DNAinfo he became desperate to taste it one more time after failing to replicate anything close to the lemon cake from his childhood.

Portillo’s heard his heartfelt cries and gave Ben both a piece of the cake along with the recipe, but their lemony act of kindness ignited a movement, with thousands of other fans asking for the recipe and begging for the cake soon after.

Ben even created a petition for Portillo’s to bring back the cake, which received more than 1,900 signatures.

“It was the greatest cake in the world, and [everyone] should definitely try it because it’s not gonna be here for long,” Ben said in an interview.  “It was exactly what I wanted. Something about it just resonated with everybody.”

Not immune to sweet taste of the dollar, the legendary Chicago institution saw the support and decided to satisfy their hungry fans.

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While Portillo’s maintains there are no plans to permanently put the delicious item back on the menu, fans have heard this before and are still hopeful they will change their minds, leaving them lemon cake where it belongs: on the menu for years to come.

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