Apple’s new Chicago flagship roof cannot handle the Chi-beria snow


Earlier this year, Apple opened its new flagship retail store in Chicago and everyone freaked out but now, everyone is reeeaaally freaking out because the roof of the store can’t seem to take the heat [errr…cold] with all of Chicago’s snow.

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According to 9to5mac, a design oversight is being credited for the roofing issues. Apple did not account for the Chicago snow and awkward, everyone noticed…

The store – which roof looks like a giant MacBook Air – has no gutters to catch snow or ice, according to the outlet. Another oversight? The roof is sloped downward, and as the multi-level store sits along the Chicago River — it means anyone standing on the walkway along the river could get hit with falling snow and ice.

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It’s painfully obvious a non-Chicagoan designed the roof. And needless to say, that person is probably gonna get fired for this.

To fight off the inevitable falling snow, Apple closed off the entire area surrounding the store except for the entryway. The store has two separate entrances but access to the bottom entrances is blocked by caution tape and “Watch for falling snow and ice” signs, according to 9to5mac.

It is not clear if Apple plans to address the oversight, aside from roping off the riverside walkway according to the outlet.

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Though the Chicago store is a site to see, despite its snowy top hat, Apple may wanna work on preventing it from taking anyone’s last breath with all that potential plummeting snow and ice.

I said what we are all thinking. So Apple, what’s the game plan?

What do you think?

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