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(AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

It’s every parents worst nightmare. Last Friday afternoon, a student at a Palos Hills elementary school was offered candy from a stranger as she was getting off of a school bus.

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The student did not report the incident until Monday morning. But after extensive interviews, increased patrols, and community awareness, police arrested Journey Davis, 18 of Chicago, who was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

Davis was in a red car, a detail that was helpful in leading to his arrest. Although he was arrested he is out on bond and his next court date is set for September 29.

As The Palos Patch reports, the student was unharmed during the incident.

The school superintendent Dr. Anthony M. Scarsella put a notice on the school’s website for parents to be more vigilant and released a statement as well:

Now that school has started, I am asking parents to remember to be vigilant at bus stops and immediately report any suspicious activity to local police. Please remember to talk with your children to reinforce important safety tips regarding strangers. All Palos 118 bus drivers are aware of the incident that occurred on Friday and will be keeping a close eye on students at bus stops. Student safety remains our top priority and I thank you in advance for working with us to ensure students remain safe traveling to and from school.

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There was also a second man in the red car but there has been no word as to if anyone else is in custody for this crime.


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