The five bars you need to watch football at this weekend AP Photo/Rick Rycroft
AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

So you are in the market to get a brew at a cozy bar this Sunday and watch the game? No need to sift through millions of Yelp reviews or ask strangers Facebook friends their two cents. We here at Rare Chicago did all the work for you [our descriptors come with team names AND game day specials for no extra charge] and we promise, our recommendations don’t disappoint.

The Pony

The Pony is a wood-paneled bar with plasma TVs & a full menu of pizzas, burgers, tacos & more…

Team: Kentucky, Texas A&M, Central Florida Wildcat

Game Day Specials: $5 Wildcat Pony Punch (Cherry Vodka & Blue Raspberry Punch), $5 Old Forrester, $6 Old Forrester & Ale 8, $5 UK Miller/Coors Stadium Cups, $4 John Wall Shots, $6 Goose Island Drafts Aggie specials: $5 Tito’s Cocktails, $5 Fireball, $6 Shiner Stadium Cups, $15 Lone Star Buckets, $10 Aggie Pizza (Meatball, Red Onion, barbecue drizzle) Knights specials: $4 Miller/Coors UFC Stadium Cups, $4 “Knightro” Shots (chilled Fireball), $4 Mimosas, $6 Wings. I think that about covers it.

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Stretch Bar and Grill

Stretch Bar and Grill has plenty of draft beer, specialty cocktails and upscale American bar food served in a sleek, cedar-paneled room and is a personal favorite…

Team: Michigan State

Game Day Specials: $20 buckets of Miller Lite and Coors. $5 Sparty Bombs for MSU. $5 Bear bombs for Bears games

Commonwealth Tavern

Commonwealth Tavern is a thoughtfully sourced gastropub fare, cocktails, drafts and coffee served in a utilitarian-chic setup. And although my blood runs scarlet and gray, I gotta hand it to these folks, it’s a darn good bar.

Teams: Notre Dame, Dallas Cowboys

Specials: $5 stadium cups of Miller Lite, $5 Guinness, $4 Jameson shots, $4 Fireball and $10 Irish nachos. Cowboys specials: $4 Tecates, $5 Miller Stadium cups, $5 Tito and lemonade, $2 pork tacos. Who doesn’t love $2 tacos?!


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Bar Lupo

Bar Lupo is an Italian pub serving classic plates and cocktails in a lofty, art-filled setup with a rock soundtrack….and it’s pretty #bangin

Team: Wisconsin


Specials: Saturdays will have bottomless mimosas from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and some Sundays. Spaghetti and meatball bloody mary on Sundays. Awe yeaaaah.

Barn & Company

Barn & Company has[THE BEST] Ribs, brisket & other BBQ fare paired with beer and cocktails in a rustic-chic space with a courtyard…Ribs + Football = Maximum Happiness

Team: Ribs [they don’t discriminate]

Specials: Every Wednesday all you can eat ribs and Thursday all you can eat wings – can I get a Woot Woot?!

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