Alright guys it’s that time of the week again. Last week we took a look at Barn & Company and you probably drooled on yourself over the delicious looking BBQ. Well this week it’s time to get hungry for a little Italian.

Bartucci is located in Harlem Heights and if you’re down for a little drive outside of downtown, it will be 110% worth it. Once you get there it feels like you are in Little Italy, with a few Italian based stores and restaurants around it. If it’s nice out, I definitely recommend eating outside because it just feels right.

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I started off with bread and some appetizers. Before I go into anything, let me just say that everything was so dang fresh it was crazy. They explained to me that the pasta is made fresh that day and they go and buy their meats and vegetables the same day. You can taste the freshness so just know that everything I’m about to talk about is fresh to death.

The two appetizers I tried were Frittura Mista and Polpettine di Melanzane. The Frittura Mista is fried calamari, carrots, zucchini, potatoes and it was filled with flavor. It was the best calamari I’ve ever had, and that’s usually a staple appetizer I order. The Polpettine di Melanzane was ground eggplant, onions, mint, parmigiano, ricotta, fried basil and tomato sauce. I took a bite and couldn’t believe it wasn’t an actual meatball. The eggplant along with the fresh ricotta cheese literally melted in my mouth.

For my main course I had the Agnolotti di Agnello, which is a braised lamb shank stuffed pasta, tomato cream sauce, fresh ricotta. They mentioned to me that this dish was actually a mistake once, but it was so damn good they added it to the menu. This was another dish that melted in my mouth and the flavors were an explosion of Italian perfection.

If you’re not into tomato cream sauce they recommended the Rigatoni Ricore which is a prosciutto, onion, mushroom cream sauce pasta dish that was amazing as well. As always you could taste the freshness of each ingredient which led you to imagine yourself in a gondola in Italy.

At this point I was full of food but how could I not do a full review without trying dessert, right? First was a tasty Nutella gelato with mascarpone. If you’re wondering what mascarpone is, it’s basically like a fluffier whip cream that comes from Italy. They also brought out a fan favorite, a homemade panna cotta with of course homemade caramel. It was the perfect airy dessert to conclude a night of delicious food.

So are you hungry yet? I just went there and I’m needing to go back asap. Each dish they brought out was a mouthwatering, beautiful masterpiece from chef Gino Bartucci. You can really taste the authenticity of each dish and how much they care about it all. Some restaurants say mantras like “This was made with love” or “Best pasta in town.” Bartucci doesn’t have to say any of that, their food speaks for itself. It is BYOB, so make sure you grab one two bottles of wine and I would recommend grabbing a reservation beforehand.

Bartucci is a hidden gem with the most authentic and fresh Italian food in Chicago Image Via Bartucci's Instagram