Former Bears linebacker sued for allegedly framing his ex of murder

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Back in 2005, former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher fathered a child with Tyna Karageorge but like some relationships, things weren’t working out, they called it quits and moved forward. But did the two really move on?

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Tyna had custody of their child, even when in 2016 she married Ryan Karageorge but then things got a little, sticky.

“The mother of Brian Urlacher’s 12-year-old son has filed a $125 million defamation lawsuit alleging the former Bears star conspired with his attorneys and a newspaper reporter to portray her as “a bad Mother, unfit and a killer,” the Tribune reports.

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Tyna Robertson married Ryan Karageorge who passed away due to a gunshot wound to the head back in Dec. 2016, according to the news outlet. According to the police, Tyna and Ryan had been arguing and at one point, he reached for a pistol in her purse and shot himself.

The news outlet reports that in Tyna’s suit, she claims Urlacher – including his lawyers as well as a reporter from the Chicago Tribune – crafted a plan to convince both officials and the public that the shooting was NOT a suicide but rather Tyna murdering Ryan. She believes this to be the case, thinking that Urlacher set her up to eventually get custody of their son, according to TMZ and Total Pro Sports.

Confused? Let us clarify and rewind a bit on why exactly she is suing.

Urlacher has joint custody of Kennedy with Kennedy’s mom, Tyna Robertson, who intervened after Robertson’s husband Ryan Karageorge died Dec. 29 from a gunshot wound after a birthday party, according to the news outlet. According to court documents, Urlacher cited “suspicious circumstances” he believes surround the incident, motivating him to want Kennedy immediately removed from Robertson’s residence, the news outlet reported.

According to TMZ and Total Pro Sports, Karageorge, died when a gun belonging to Robertson fired as he attempted to unload it, according to Urlacher’s petition. He was 34. Karageorge and Robertson were married in September. The investigation remains open, according to the news outlets.

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According to the petition, Robertson’s behavior in the hours after the shooting didn’t sit well with Urlacher. The news outlets report he was with his son in Arizona on Dec. 29 and just after 10 p.m. Kennedy received a Snapchat message from a cousin informing him that Karageorge had died. Kennedy then called his mother for confirmation and upon speaking, she allegedly acted “happy and cheerful” Urlacher said before eventually admitting Karageorge was involved in a fatal car accident, according to the news outlets.

Robertson then called Urlacher to explain the next morning that Karageorge had shot himself after the couple had an argument, according to the news outlets and Willow Springs police confiscated her cellphone as part of looking into the death investigation.

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