There are some household names that span the country, but Chicago has some of their own and among those great, celebrity names many Chicagoans will also find themselves familiar with a less likely candidate — Bob Rohrman.

Bob Rohrman has been selling cars in Chicago for as long as many Chicagoans can remember, and sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and watch the evolution of a company through their promotions and commercials. It’s one way to figure out how Rohrman became a household name and remains one today.

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In a 1989 commercial on Youtube Rohrman sports his familiar mustache with his totally ’70s glasses as he pitches sales on the Hondas available for purchase. The going gang is that customers will be “Rohrman-ized” as they’re crowned in the commercial with that deep voiceover we all know and love.

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Then of course there’s the animated lion commercial Rohrman used as a pun on his name because lions, as we all know, roar, just as the pronunciation of the salesman’s name sounds. As the times changed, so did Rohrman’s commercials and advertisements, but one thing remained consistent: Rohrman used his name to get our attention and it seems as though it has worked.

Even now, Rohrman continues to sport the mustache and glasses look, but his commercials have grown with many Chicagoans who will always know the name Bob Rohrman.

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