BomboBar’s Smores and FunFetti hot chocolate will rock your world

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Hot chocolate is good but have you ever had Funfetti hot chocolate? What about Smores hot chocolate?

Let me answer that for you: uh no, but where do I find these magical concoctions?

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BomboBar in the West Loop takes hot chocolate to a whole other plane of existence but how exactly?

According to Chicago magazine, when crafting the Smores drink – they first pour the hot chocolate in a cup, next adding two chocolate biscotti, drenching it in house-made fluff, then toasting it with a blow torch, drizzling it with caramel and chocolate sauce and finishing it off with chocolate pearls, graham cracker crumbs and a “Mini Bombo” – which looks like a little doughnut hole.

Whew I need to sit down, this is too good. Wait hold on – how is the Funfetti hot chocolate made-? gulp this is getting to be too much..

The Funfetti hot chocolate start off in the same way, hot chocolate in the cup with two biscotti but this time – the biscotti is funfetti flavored, appropriately so. Next, the cup is filled with whip cream, topped with blue icing, sprinkles and that lil’ Mini Bombo we have grown to love so much in such a short amount of time.

And according to Chicago magazine, they taste just as good as they look.

And to say BomboBar thought of everything is an understatement. When you go this week, you and your friends can drink your toasty beverages outside under BomboBar’s outdoor heater to get the full affect of the warm beverage paired with Chi-town’s chilly weather.

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To see the hot chocolate in action, scroll on below – courtesy of Chicago magazine.

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