Two boys fall into frozen pond, good Samaritan saves their lives


On Sunday night, two boys were rescued after they walked out onto a frozen pond in suburban Frankfort and the ice gave way.

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According to NBC5, Cruz Genet, 11, and his 10-year-old friend went to explore the frozen pond – not aware of how easily the ice could break, saying they wanted to got skating and see the ducks.

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“We threw a rock on it,” he said to the news outlet. “Then we kind of stepped on it a bit–we didn’t hear any cracking.”

Cruz’s mother, Kami Genet, told NBC 5 she’s told her kids “never to go on the ice.”

“We fell in and started trying to get out of the water, but the ice kept breaking every time we tried to get on the ice,” Cruz said to the news outlet.

Cruz was terrified and started to think he was getting hypothermia.

“I might die,” he told NBC, recalling his thoughts in the water. “I was really scared.”

But good Samaritan neighbor, John Lavin didn’t blink before jumping in the water to save the children when he saw them struggling to get out.

“(It was) kind of hulk smash,” Lavin laughed when recalling how he broke the ice when he jumped in to the news outlet. “(That’s the) best way to describe it–any way to get through it.”

This past Monday, Cruz met with Lavin, the neighbor who pulled him from the pond.

“Thanks for saving my life,” Cruz said to Lavin upon meeting him.

Kami had some words about Lavin as well for saving her son.

“He’s a hero,” Kami she said to NBC. “He really is.”

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Cruz shared with the NBC on what could have gone wrong if Lavin was not in around during the incident.

“I cannot repay him,” Cruz said to the news outlet. “Just to think if he wasn’t there–I could have died.”

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