Businessman preaches conspiracy, Rahm pushing blacks out of city

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Businessman Chris Kennedy has some strong thoughts on Rahm as he runs for the Democratic nomination in hopes for the governor’s seat.

According to the Chicago-Sun Times, on Wednesday, Kennedy accused the mayor of having his hand in a “strategic gentrification plan” to intentionally push black residents out of Chicago.

“We’re cutting off money for schools, cutting off money for police, allowing people to be forced to live in food deserts, closing hospitals, closing access to mental health facilities,” Kennedy told reporters during a news conference, according to the Sun-Times.

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“What choice do people have but to move, to leave, and I think that’s part of a strategic gentrification plan being implemented by the city of Chicago to push people of color out of the city,” he continued, the news outlet reported.

When asked who is behind this alleged plan, the Sun-Times reported Kennedy retorted with Emanuel’s name.

“I believe in the tone at the top,” he said, according to the news outlet. “I believe the mayor is aware of what’s going on, and I think he is allowing that to occur and in some ways encouraging it.”

Kennedy continued with, “I believe that black people are being pushed out of Chicago intentionally by a strategy that involves disinvestment in communities being implemented by the city administration.”

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“And I believe Rahm Emanuel is the head of the city administration and therefore needs to be held responsible for those outcomes.” Kennedy stated, according to the Sun-Times.

Be it a desperate attempt to get a vote, publicity or shed light on a popular conspiracy theory, time will be the biggest indicator of all.

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