Carjackings in Chicago have more than doubled in the last three years

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If you’ve noticed an uptick in carjackings lately, you’re not alone. The Chicago Tribune discovered that carjackings are up this year across all parts of the city.

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In 2007 there were 898 reported carjackings in the city. This number steadily declined to 303 in the year 2014. But last year logged 663 and 2017 has already hit 661 with two months left in the year.

There are no determined causes or immediate theories as to why this increase is seen in the past few years.

The Tribune writes that “some officers felt the furor over the video showing police shoot teen Laquan McDonald 16 times led to many officers reducing their aggressiveness on the street, emboldening criminals.”

At a strategy session, Deputy Chief Al Nagode said “This is a gang trade that we’re seeing.”

Nagode also noted the increase in “bump-and-runs:” “suspects, often driving a stolen vehicle and armed with a gun or knife, bump into a car intentionally. When the motorist gets out to check the damage, they jump in and steal the car.”

The area with the highest amount of reported carjackings is the Harrison Police District on the West Side with 82 cars stolen this year. But as stated in the report, and in previous coverage, no area of the city is entirely safe.

Already this year, someone has been shot during a carjacking in Noble Square and one was caught on video in Bucktown.

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The Tribune story further explores the surreality of having a car stolen and the PTSD and paranoia victims feel after an attack.

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