Cat Cafe opening halted by the health inspector

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Chicago’s long awaited “cat café,” Purrfect Roast Catfe, finally opened up their doors, only to have them shut again by the city’s health inspector who deemed the building unfit for opening.

An inspector from the Department of Public Health visited the 7225 N. Western Ave. building on July 28 to review the building in order for the small business to receive its license, according to DNAinfo. The café, which contains a coffee machine counter and a table next to a room of adoptable cats, failed to pass the walk-through.

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In the walk-through, inspectors noted that the second-floor employee break room, which is also used as a food preparation area, did not have a hand sink. In addition, there was no three-chambered sink for washing dishes, and a back flow device for an espresso machine had also not been installed, according to DNAinfo.

While the café itself does not serve food, it does allow customers to serve themselves a variety of drinks which is what prompted the visit from the health inspectors. Re-inspected on Wednesday, the city’s newest report is in “draft form” which means it has not yet been determined what will come of the business.

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The facility will open as scheduled, but the café part of the building will not be permitted to serve beverages until further notice. Awaiting the approval of the health inspector, Tree House’s Development Director Debbie Hinde told a morning show host from Windy City Live the reason it would not open until August was because Tree House was conducting “tastings” with the public “to help choose the menu.”

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