Chicago’s own beloved Chance the Rapper has been sued in Chicago federal court for a sample on “Windows,” a song from his 2012 debut mixtape 10 Day, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Abdul-Wali Muhammad, the plaintiff, is a jazz musician who also practices criminal and civil rights law in New York. He claims “Windows” features a prominent sample of Lonnie Liston Smith’s 1980 jazz-funk track “Bridge Through Time.”

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Muhammad identifies himself in his suit as the “Bridge Through Time” composer and accuses Chance of
“blatant and willful infringement” of said song and demands Chance stop “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell” the rapper’s track.

In 1979, Muhammad had filed a copyright for “Bridge Through Time” according to the suit and is listed as the tune’s sole composer in ASCAP’s repertory of songs.

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Muhammad is also credited as a co-writer on UGK’s “Candy” and Conscious Daughter’ “We Roll Deep,” two additional songs that also sample “Bridge Through Time.”

As noted in the Tribune, Chance released 10 Day for free on Datpiff, a mixtape-sharing site. Earlier this year it was, however, briefly uploaded for sale on Itunes. Chance says on Twitter at the time, the uploading had been “fraudulent.”

Chance the Rapper just got sued and is headed to court Photo by Getty Images / Tommaso Boddi