Chance the Rapper stands up for Chicago’s underfunded schools, donates $2.2 million more Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is getting a $2.2 million boost, courtesy of Chance the Rapper and Social Works.

Chance dropped the news at a Social Works press conference last week, channeling his inner Steve Jobs in a long sleeved black turtleneck. He leafed through a succinct presentation detailing the personal importance of school funding to him and the impact and his perspective now as a parent who is looking at enrolling his daughter in school.

The presentation wasn?t his usual stage performance, and even he couldn?t help but comment on it.

?Am I not killin this power point right now?? he threw in with a smirk as he addressed the budget crisis and national stats of CPS students.

The message was clear, and Chance said it best: ?Funding quality education for public students is the most important investment a community can make.?

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The newly raised $2.2 million will be donated to 20 CPS schools, focusing on those most in need. Some factors in the selection process included CPS rating, the impact of budget cuts, arts funding and, most importantly, the determination of the principals.

?They?re writing new realities,? Chance praised and he acknowledged some of the educators in the crowd.

The funding will be distributed over the next three years, with Chance focusing on the need for sustainable funding and encouraging others to get involved in the cause. You can watch the full conference here:

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