Chicago artist spent 30 days drawing images from around the city — the result is a beautiful appreciation for this city Reddit/Screenshot

One inspired Chicago artist took to sketching everything in sight for 30 days and, upon completion, shared the art on reddit and imgur.

“Chicagoans,” reddit user Rajma_Chawal_INK posted. “Earlier this year I undertook a project to draw people, places, animals and things all over this goddamn beautiful city for 30 straight days.”

The artist then posted a page of the sketches which included sketches 35-43 of the 600 plus little doodles, according to the post. Some of the drawings include little captions and quotes such as sketch number 38 which is accompanied by the caption, “one doughnut is not enough.”

Along with each page there is a time stamp, illustrating when the artist was inspired by what was happening. The sketches found on the reddit post are time stamped 16:32 to 16:53, a half hour period.

Reddit users were very encouraging and supportive of the artist as some asked to volunteer for the project. The artist explained the project was based more on random sightings than volunteers saying no one noticed that they were the subjects of the project.

“This makes my heart happy,” reddit user letsgetnudibranch commented on the post. “I love knowing someone out there is enjoying the daily intricacies of city life and appreciating the people sharing that space for who they are. Plus the art is visually pleasing.”

The artist also posted a link for those looking to see more of the album which can be found on imgur. Here viewers can see even more of the sketches such as the page titled “Humans of Starbucks Chicago.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Chicago certainly has plenty of eyes and artists to dedicate their time and passions to sharing the art before them.

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