Chicago takes Chi-beria seriously and gears up for another Chi-winter

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Videos by Rare

As December rolls in, temperatures drops and the wind picks up, Chicago preps for what’s to come.

According to the Fox32, the city has new plows, lots of salt and Metra will be inspecting train switches susceptible to the cold. Our Chicago winters are nothing to take lightly and this includes inspecting your car before snow flurries and blizzards become a regular headliner.

“Tires and batteries are the two biggest reasons that we come to the rescue of people this winter,” said Beth Mosher of the AAA motor club in an exchange with Fox32.

Mosher says if your battery is more than three years old, you should have it checked as the older the battery, the more likely it will die in the cold.

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Mosher also recommended checking the tread as well as the air pressure in your tires by using the recommended air pressure guide found on the sticker inside most driver-side’s doors.

“You want to make sure you have an emergency kit in your car that contains a battery-operated cell phone charger, a flashlight, blankets, plenty of warm weather gear,” Mosher said.

According to Fox32, the city of Chicago is recommending residents to prepare for this week’s plummeting temperatures.

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The news outlet also reports twenty new plow trucks to be added to the city’s fleet of over 300 and according to Streets and Sanitation – they have 374-thousand tons of road salt in their possession stationed at piles across the city to get us through the winter.

Additionally, on Tuesday – Metra boasted its brand new communications center. In addition, Metra has inspected the hundreds of heaters that keep the track switches clear during winter storms.

So bring it on Chi-beria ,us Chi-towners are ready for you!

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