This Chicago cop shockingly throws steaming hot coffee at biker YouTube

With all the controversy regarding Chicago police, you would think that the men in blue would keep a low profile. Not so.

According to Speed Society in a video that makes you do a double take, people are shocked over a confrontation between a biker and a police officer.

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In the video, we watch from the biker’s perspective as he has some sort of go-pro recording the riders biking through the city, who along with his fellow bikers, attempt to do stunts and impress those who pass by.

And while this behavior doesn’t seem like one a police officer would be thrilled about – the reaction from the police officer in the video is alarming.

As the bikers passes by the officer one by one, the recording biker raises his arm in what looks like a thumbs up to the officer who moves to the middle of the street, holding a cup of coffee.

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And then comes the part everyone is talking about: the officer takes his coffee and hauls it at the recording rider. And based on the video, the rider says his visor was up and the coffee was steaming hot.

But commenters are split on whose fault it is as some believe the biker was taunting the officer. Decide for yourself and watch the footage below – courtesy of ViralHog.

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