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After several obvious sexual encounters with a woman in his firehouse, a veteran Chicago firefighter has been fired despite the fact that many of his colleagues allegedly turned their heads at the actions.

The Chicago Fire Department has been dealing with several sex scandals, but the most recent targets a firefighter assigned to Truck 24 on the far South Side of the city, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The firefighter’s girlfriend filed a complaint with the Fire Department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs which triggered the investigation.

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While City Hall refused to identify the firefighter involved, they did say the girlfriend was also responsible for providing all of the supporting materials needed to prove the firefighter guilty. Among these, the woman allegedly provided text messages, emails and phone records that proved she and the firefighter were in the firehouse at the time of their relations.

Internal Affairs determined the firehouse had been the location of not one, but several sexual escapades between the two and also investigated her claim that she was involved in a three-way with the firefighter and a second woman. According to the Sun Times, investigators were unable to prove such an encounter had occurred on Fire Department property.

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As many as a dozen other firefighters in the district face disciplinary actions as a result of ignoring the blatant misconduct, according to a previous article by the Sun Times. Investigators say the actions of the accused firefighter were obvious and someone should have spoken up about it sooner. That’s also to say the woman involved could have brought things to authorities attention before her boyfriend broke up with her, leading her on a tyrant to destroy his career.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such scandal has broken out in a firehouse despite the rigid rules and high morals the men and women of the house are assumed to occupy. In both 2000 and 2004, similar incidents surrounding sex in a firehouse were uncovered, revealing a possible trend in the system.

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