Yet another Chicago officer disciplined after protesting in uniform

Photo by Getty Images / Scott Olson

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Videos by Rare

Social media is getting one Chicago police officer disciplined after sharing a photo that shows the officer posing with an American flag – protesting the NFL players who knelt during the national anthem Sunday.

The photo shows the officer in uniform, standing tall in front of his police SUV while holding the flag. A sign in the foreground says the following:

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“I stand for the anthem. I love the American flag. I support my president and the 2nd amendment.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the officer’s reprimand comes days after two uniformed officers were disciplined after they were seen photographed with an activist in what the activist called a show of support for NFL players protesting police brutality and racism.

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The officers were pictured kneeling on either side of the activist, each with a fist raised in support.

Anthony Guglielmi – Chicago Police spokesman said all three of the officers violated the rules that prohibit them from making political statements while in uniform and on duty.

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