Chicago pedophile pretended to be a woman to lure children on Facebook Pixabay

ABC 7 reported about a Chicago man who has pleaded guilty to luring children into participating in sex acts, according to an FBI spokesperson. The FBI said the man pretended to be a woman on Facebook, and used his profile to chat with more than 2,000 people, most of them were minors.

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On Nov. 29 he pleaded guilty to one count of recruiting or enticing a minor to engage in a commercial sex act, according to the FBI report.

Bryan Osborne, who is only 28, made the account under the name “Lonyae Jackson” on Facebook. He told several children they would be paid thousands of dollars to be in child pornography films.

Osborne would send children sick messages requiring them to meet with a producer. So he’d show up as Bryan Osborne, who worked with “Lonyae Jackson” to meet the minors in a building in the city’s Austin neighborhood on the West Side.

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He would then make up a reason for not paying the minors, and in some cases, ask them to recruit other children, prosecutors said. The FBI Chicago Child Exploitation Task Force arrested Osborne Feb. 9. His sentencing is scheduled for Mar. 1.

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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