Chicago photographer uses special effects to make the city look miniature and we can’t look away

Chicago has many aspects that make it stunning, and one photographer captured it in a completely unique way.

Using a Tilt and shift lens, Chicago-based photographer Chris Biela makes the city look toy-like and miniature from high up vantage points.

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“Since Chicago offers a lot of possibilities to get up high it is really easy to achieve ‘toy’ looking scenery,” Biela tells Rare Chicago. “It is very cool looking technique so I decided to give it a shot. There is not to many videos of Chicago with real tilt-shift effect.”

His video compilation shows iconic Chicago locations including the Navy Pier, the Marina Towers and the L train.

“I’m am Chicago based photographer. It is my hometown. I live in north-west suburbs though. So, it is more challenging to get out to the city and spend days photographing.”

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What inspired Biela?

“Chicago is architectural gem. Constantly changing. Offers endless possibilities for creativity. Love the hassle and noise of my city …. and great people who make Chicago amazing. Without them I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my project.”

The native-Chicago photographer has many creative odes to the city, including a time lapse in 4K and a wonderful video that captures the legendary green river on St. Patrick’s day.

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