Chicago police officers help an elderly lady rake her leaves and it’s the sweetest

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On social media, two Chicago police officers are being praised for their random act of kindness.

One officer observed an elderly woman raking leaves and cleaning her lawn while on patrol in the city’s West Pullman neighborhood.

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The officer got out to help the woman, and soon, another officer saw them and started helping as well. Then, the officers’ sergeant drove by to log them and ended up helping as well. The sergeant snapped a picture of the officers before leaving and posted the photo on Facebook later.

“Neither one of the officers knew I took the picture when I was getting ready to leave. I just wanted to give pass on some good news. Have a great day,” the sergeant wrote.

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Facebook comments continued to pour in thanking the officers for helping the woman.

“This is what happens when officers understand and care about the community they patrol. Great Job. Stay Safe,” one commenter said.

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