Chicago Public Schools are dealing with more than 5.7 billion problems ahead of the upcoming school year

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Chicago Public Schools revealed their budget Friday, a proposed $5.7 billion, with $269 million coming from the city, according to the Chicago Tribune.

While the announcement was received relatively quietly, there are ongoing concerns surrounding the budget and funding for CPS this fall.

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In fact, three Chicago parents filed a lawsuit against the Illinois Board of Education over the ongoing funding crisis last week, according to the Courthouse News Service:

“In recent weeks, each of the major political parties have accused the other of playing politics with school funding reform,” the complaint read. “But the law as set forth in SB 6 requires that the General State Aid funds appropriated by the [L]egislature be allocated using an evidence-based funding model.”

And this isn’t the only lawsuit filed over education funding this year:

The Chicago Board of Education sued the state of Illinois and Gov. Bruce Rauner in May over funding they said discriminated against students of color.

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Chicago’s school board sued the state and Rauner in February over similar concerns.

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