April showers bring stunning photography as it so happens that one Chicago photographer flourishes in the scenes that nature creates.

Barry Butler, a Chicago native and avid weather photographer, has taken incredible photographs that showcase the “spring of extremes” as he calls it, according to DNAinfo. This past spring in Chicago has featured a variety of weather which Butler has captured impeccably.

“Bad weather is great photography,” Butler told DNAinfo. “I review weather reports throughout the day and when I see weather patterns changing bringing the Chicago area a storm, I feel like a kid at Christmas time.”

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While most people may not find storms and crazy weather to be enjoyable, Butler has captured these extremes in an eye-popping way. He shares his photographs on Twitter where he has over 5,000 followers viewing his posts.

While the photographs are stunning, Butler said he and other extreme weather photographers take special precautions while capturing these moments. His safety preparations include planning a special weatherproof outfit and preparing an exit plan in case of emergency.

“I let someone know where I am going and how long I will be there,” he told DNAinfo. “And during storms, it’s a good idea to have a strong structure above your head for protection and remember that trees are not your friend. I have seen too many stories that remind me that Mother Nature wins when it’s her against us humans.”

Capturing these electrifying photographs, Butler has seen it all including those rare moments this season when the tulips along Michigan Avenue sat peacefully without blowing over in the wind.

“Thick fog, high winds and lightning seem to be more prevalent than in previous springs,” Butler told DNAinfo. “These are volatile weather times and Chicago is no stranger to that.”

Volatile or not, Chicagoans and art-lovers alike are sure to love the moments Butler captures with his lens as he showcases the incredible weather in the windy city.

Chicago resident captured incredible images in this week’s thunderstorm Barry Butler Photography/Screenshot
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