This Chicago cop is a real life Santa and his story behind why is going to make you cry


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

These Chicago children who live in a tough neighborhood are getting a Christmas they will never forget….

According to a report by CBS2 – a young Chicago police officer named Howard Ray set aside $300 from each paycheck to buy from this past February until November.

The toys would go to children in the Austin neighborhood, reported the news outlet.

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“I love these kids, even though I don’t know them,” Ray told CBS2.

But this wasn’t the first time Ray gave a gift the receiver wouldn’t forget. Earlier in the year, Matthew Jackson – a fellow officer – along with Ray, helped the children of a woman who had left an abusive relationship according to the news outlet.

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“The neighborhood needs it because it’s a lot of low-income children in this area and a lot of parents don’t work,” says Verna Goins, a grandmother to CBS2.

Currently, Officer Ray is seeking technical help to build an app that would connect the community with services in regards to crime prevention — according to the news outlet.

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