Joliet is now home to Chicago Style BBQ on historic route 66 corridor How To BBQ Right YouTube
How To BBQ Right YouTube

This week, Chicago Style BBQ opened its doors just this past Saturday, Feb. 3, and the owner-operator, Kevin Roberts is ready to get cookin’.

According to the Joliet Patch, Chicago Style BBQ is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and you may choose carryout or to sit and eat at the restaurant. Roberts says he also specializes in catering.

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The menu specifies that “all ribs are cooked with charcoal and hickory wood.”

Roberts told the Patch it took close to six months to remodel the building to install handicap accessible bathrooms and that he is glad to be open.

Roberts says he is also ecstatic about being located on Route 53. Chicago Style BBQ is just down the street from the Haunted Trails Family Amusement Park, sitting along the old historic Route 66 corridor, according to the Patch.

By summertime, Roberts expects lots of Route 66 tourism traffic passing through Joliet, traveling on what is now called Route 53. According to the Patch, Chicago Style BBQ has a large menu ranging from fried chicken, BBQ chicken, fried wings, pork, beef, turkey, ribs and rib tips. When asked by Robers what the most popular item is on the menu, he answered quickly:

“Rib tips, rib tips are the most popular item on the menu. Rib tips is probably 75 percent of the business,” he said to the Patch.

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For just $7.99 you can order Rib Tips which also includes fries, bread and coleslaw and it is said they are absolutely delicious.

To learn how to make your own delicious style of smoked ribs, scroll on below – courtesy of Jenny Can Cook.

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