This Kankakee man travels to sing in Chicago’s subways and thanks to a fan’s video posted on social media, his dedication fared in his favor.

According to NBC5 Chicago, Andrew Johnston was recognized after staff from the Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show in L.A. saw the videos of him posted online of the man singing and wanted to get in contact with him.

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“A producer from Steve Harvey reached out and said hey, y’know, who is this guy that you took a video of? How do I get ahold of him?” said Andrew to NBC Chicago regarding the man who posted the video, Zac Lowing.

“Things kind of went from there and next thing you know I am being flown out to be on the Steve Harvey show. As long as I am singing and y’know, as long as I am using the gift God gave me y’know I know that something is gonna come along and I’m ready.” Andrew said confidently to the news outlet.

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Andrew just finished getting his certificate to become a medical coder and currently, he is a class away from getting his Associate’s degree, according to NBC5.

But the news outlet reports that Andrew’s end goal is to be a professional singer. He told NBC5 Chicago he regularly pictures himself singing in arenas as well as the United Center while singing on the subway.

To hear and see the show-stopping Andrew in action, watch below – courtesy of Zac Alleywalker Lowing.

This Chicago subway singer gets invite to The Steve Harvey Show YouTube