These Chicago tourists lied about getting robbed downtown in Loop Wikipedia Commons
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On Thursday, two people visiting Chicago created a report about being robbed at knifepoint early in the day in the Loop, according to Chicago police.

According to NBC5 the man and the woman told officers they were using their GPS, which routed them to Lower Wacker Drive near Columbus.

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They then claimed three people approached them and one pulled out a knife, according to Chicago police and NBC5.

Police then decided the report had no basis and charges were pending against both for filing a false report.

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The two told officers the group stole their belongings which included a wedding ring valued at $12,000, a suitcase purse worth $3,000, a MacBook Air laptop valued at $2,000, a $300 suitcase and an iPad mini worth $150, police said.

So what exactly happens when you file a false police report? We found out for you below. Stay out of trouble, kids.

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