Police report increased Uptown violence and are now taking active measures AP Photo/Bill Feig
AP Photo/Bill Feig

Chicago police say there has been increased violence in the city’s Uptown neighborhood with two deadly shootings just in the last two weeks. Police are now opening a narcotics investigation targeting west Argyle Street.

The narcotics team arrested eight people on felony drug charges but are still looking for four men and one woman, wanted in connection with the probe.

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Police say most of the people arrested are members of various street gangs, in a community alert. The community has raised concerns about an increase in violence and drug deals, ultimately leading to this investigation.

The latest shooting in the area happened Monday night on West Leland. Police say a teen killed a man in a drive-by shooting.

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A triple shooting happened at the Starbucks on Broadway on November 2. Police say a masked gunman opened fire inside the Starbucks, killing a 28-year-old man and injuring two others ? including a 12-year-old boy. At the time, police said the triple shooting was the result of a drug deal.

Police say if you have similar concerns in your neighborhood, you?re encouraged to attend your next beat meeting. You can call the community policing office to find out when it is, at: 312-742-8770.

Chicago’s violence has become notorious around the country, and has been a much maligned issue from President Trump, who routinely cites the city in issues about issues of guns and violence. Despite that reputation, the city ranks 12th in the country for most murders, based on a recent analysis.

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