WGN weatherman Paul Konrad cleared up some clouded skies when one viewer called him out on Facebook.

The Facebook post was addressed to Konrad and read, “we who live by the lake know it’s cooler. WE don’t need to be reminded constantly. Those that don’t live near the lake will figure it out for themselves.”

In response to the post, Konrad had a good laugh on WGN and said it is his duty to inform those who may not be aware of the lake effect. He also teased the viewer by informing him that the lake would be the same temperature as everywhere else that day.

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“Well listen, it’s not gonna be cooler by the lake today just in case you didn’t know because the wind is gonna be on the southwest and as a result it will be in the mid 80s lake-side also,” Konrad said on WGN. “Not everybody knew that.”

The post went on to tease Konrad about his new look saying the beard makes him look like an old man. To this, Konrad smiled again telling his admirer that he is in fact an old man and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t mind looking like an old man,” Konrad said with a smile. “I’m 52, it is what it is [and] I’m not gonna try to look like I’m 30 and get hair implants and all that other stuff cuz I’m happy with who I am.”

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The weatherman had a good laugh about the whole thing, even re-posting the clip to his Facebook wall. In the post Konrad said people complain about everything which he doesn’t mind, so long as he can respond immaturely as well.

“I’m perfectly happy with myself,” Konrad said. “I don’t need a jack loader like you telling me what to do with my life. If you don’t like it you can shove it and watch another channel. Have a great day.”

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